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Located in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, the Valverde swimming and recreational complex offered a series of services to the young people of the local community. After a difficult period, the new owners were willing to breathe new life into these spaces, modernizing the swimming pool area and the annexed changing rooms. The last intervention was adding sports fields in the northeast border: a basketball court in plastic tiles and a beach volley area in sand. read more

The overall area of the park covers approximately 7 hectares, located along the axis of the Reno River on the hydrographic right. On it stands a building from the 1970s, which has undergone repeated interventions. This chaotic process has resulted in an inconsistent building body in a clear state of disrepair. In April, the complex changed ownership, and the resulting challenge was defined: design and build the new multifunctional center in less than three months. The willing was to make it fully operating for summer season. The project envisaged the complete redevelopment of the changing rooms and services attached to the swimming pools to make them suitable for current standards and regulations. The changing room was therefore developed as an open space, equipped with rotating cabins and two washrooms symmetrical to the main volume. From the changing room, visitors access the outdoor summer area with two swimming pools. The design for the swimming pools included raising the floor of the main pool, so that it would be always accessible, and the resurfacing of both pools. An exotic wood deck was added at the head of the large pool to create a platform that can be used by both pool users and operators during summer courses and scheduled activities. The boundary of the pools has been moved outwards, to widen and combine the pools area, and a green low height hedge marks the division between it and the outdoor paths. The latter were also completely redesigned, modifying the shape, the material and adding lighting along and in the remaining areas of the park. Finally, this first part of the project included the construction of a regular basketball court and a beach volleyball court, both immersed in the greenery of the Valverde recreational-sports complex. The mentioned interventions are part of a larger re-development plan, scheduled to be completed in the next few years. The intention is to offer a complete renewed leisure center, with areas dedicated to recreation, sports, relaxation, and camping. read less

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TEMA s.r.l. (Gruppo Monti Salute +)

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Porretta Terme, Bologna, Italy

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ARCO STUDIO – Ing. Ottavio Lavaggi (project coordinator)