A renewed market area for the city of Prague

Our vision for the Market aims to deal with the pre-existing cluster of buildings and especially the spaces in-between, to support the renewed series of functions inside the market, and yet to enhance its attractiveness and to provide a proper social and cultural offer for both tourists and citizens of Prague. The project confronts the current condition of the market accompanying its transformation from goods warehouses into a more human-scaled environment, welcoming a widespread growth of activities and spaces for social encounters.

The existing buildings will become functional hubs inside, and the perfect setting for the life of public spaces outside, making the market area a reference point for the ever-changing urban developments in this part of the city. The separation between the market and the urban surroundings will lead to a city-like organization inside the perimeter, with a complete range of functions, such as food stores, cultural venues, theaters, museums, and every possible need for the community.

The project then suggests a group of interventions, adding the less physical elements, well distinguished and integrated into the historical material heritage, necessary to give a contemporary vision of the Market, in line with the renewed cultural and tourist interest for the area. The aim is to revalue The Prague Market, as a modern urban incubator of creativeness, new ideas, and social cohesion.

Prague, Czech Republic


Urban regeneration


Andrea LUI