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The project, which involves the reconversion of the current sports field to an area dedicated to calisthenics exercise, is an integral part of an urban regeneration masterplan involving the entire town of Monzuno. In particular, this sports area is configured as an intermediate stage of the path that connects the urban center, also subject to the redevelopment plan, and the San Giovanni Evangelista Church. The intervention is articulated on the theme of the path, understood as a succession of spaces that, through a sign on the ground, define a renewed character to the area. read more

In fact, in its unfolding, this element generates places deputed to exercise an active role for the use of the entire community: it meets the existing Nino Nanni Garden, intercepts the sports field in Giardini Street and flows into the San Giovanni Evangelista Church. This succession of spaces is realized through stone curbs, as a reminder of the redevelopment of the Square, which trace on the asphalt a zig-zag path and define in the driveway space an area dedicated to slow mobility. The three curbs, uniquely identified through a red color palette, are measured by three different episodes of urban public space. The sequence of these spaces is articulated starting from the crosswalk at the exit of Nino Nanni Gardens, where the three curbs winding on Giardini Street become a design matrix for the area devoted to calisthenics. In fact, their unfolding, on the one hand, generates the pedestrian area, on the other hand, defines the parking areas and the areas for sports exercise. The latter are developed by pursuing the longitudinal limit dictated by the stone retaining wall and the limit imposed by the roadway of Giardini Street. A rest area precedes the main area for calisthenics and defines its corner confronting the theme of public space. This area is identified by the installation of architectural concrete paving with light coloring that also affects the seats placed as deterrent elements to vehicular traffic. On the other hand, the theme of color affects the area for calisthenics treated with a rubber anti-trauma pavement with similar chromatics to the stone curbs. In the treatment of this portion, the aim is to define a public space extended to diverse users and not only to children, athletes and walkers: different furnishings are provided, such as calisthenics equipment and seats in architectural concrete or metal in a way that intercepts the needs related to play, sports and meeting activities. Access to this space is made indifferently either from the parking space or from the stairs provided at the end of the sports area, from which the pedestrian pathway leading to the Church further branches off. read less

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