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The “Gotica64” project represents an opportunity to highlight the events that characterized the first half of the 20th century while generating a meeting place for the local community. The overall intervention includes the rehabilitation of the former Fornaci warehouse, a linear vaulted room with stone walls, the redevelopment of the outdoor public space, and the creation of the museum exhibit to tell the story of the Gothic Line. read more

The area outside the building is now characterized as a heterogeneous group of fragments, a chaotic mixture of historical warehouses and aseptic constructions typical of the 1970s, between which no relationship arises, neither functional nor architectural. The resulting image is an urban void: a degraded area with chaotic parking lots along the asphalt road, a disorderly division between transit strips for loading and unloading goods at the nursing home and areas pertinent to the old buildings that constituted the historical complex of Vergato’s lime kilns. The programmatic intent is to create a new museum, social and cultural center that frames the history of the Gothic Line and offers a place of “contamination” between time for narrative and time for social events, so as to attract young and less young to make these regenerated spaces alive. The south-facing portion of the building will be recovered and re-arranged as a meeting space for the younger generation. The vaulted interior space will host an X-LAM volume to house the restrooms and storage. The roof of this volume will have a stepped shape to accommodate visitors for small screenings and lectures. The insertion intends to fit inside the historic architecture as a coherent, recognizable and reversible element. In synergy with the interior space, the new public square will represent a dynamic place of transition and interaction. Indeed, from this premise comes out the form of the square as an element that stretches toward the historic monument above, inviting visitors to ascend, and not as an element enclosed within its boundaries. The aim is to let the community rediscover the historic stone-ovens that once characterized the area but are now completely hidden by vegetation and a concrete structure. The demolition of the mentioned structure will allow the construction of the new raised plaza and a reopened view towards the Fornaci. The exterior paving will be architectural concrete with warm-cold coloring, both in the street level and in the access level to the youth center. The ground excavations will delineate a path toward the historic monument and the surrounding green area. The hope is to address a broader urban regeneration process that involves the entire historic monument while preserving the lush vegetation and at the same time providing a new urban park for the town center. Therefore, a segmented path digs into the ground like a trench and winds its way to the first “mouth” of the former kilns. Along the route, the stone wall and its four openings will be partially restored to light, thus accompanying the ascent with a poetic of romance. Finally, the other portion of the existing building, will be arranged to house the exhibition of the Gothic Line Museum. read less

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Municipality of Vergato

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project year

2021 – ongoing

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under construction

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urban regeneration

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Linea Sottile


Arch. Erica Pè (project coordinator)