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The project proposal is developed within the competition for the Redevelopment of the Municipal Sports Center and Ex-Vivaio Area of the Municipality of Bagno di Romagna. The concept aims to enhance the existing complex: open the enclosed spaces of the pool area to the natural environment and add new spaces for sports, recreation, and relaxation. The intent is to make the area both a multipurpose center for the citizens’ physical activities and a starting point for excursions to the Savio Valley area by tourists. read more

The project takes form in two parts: the Sports Village, designed as a diffuse structure, and the natural area, which surrounds it and offers sustainable services. The spread of facilities dedicated to activities, as opposed to their congestion into a single building, makes it possible to create a series of points of interest scattered throughout the area, encouraging movement on foot along nature trails. The design strategy starts with the transformation of the indoor swimming pool into a summer pool and the construction of a brand-new sports hall in place of the current tennis courts. These courts provide a free area of nearly 1500sqm, where the new building can rise with a playing area, grandstands, locker rooms and ticketing area for the public. The starting point is converting the current swimming pool building by removing the enclosing shell of the main volume. However, the space-frame steel roof structure is left in view, repainted in pastel colors. The bleachers are demolished to create more free space around the pool, connecting the pool space to the entrance by means of an open-air passageway. Visitors approaching the facility thus enjoy a glimpse of the green space behind the pool and the sky above. The entrance area, in addition to the ticketing counter, will include a bar with an outdoor dining area and access to the locker rooms completely renovated. A new water slide is installed to make the swimming pool attractive to young people and families. It takes advantage of the existing spiral stairwell, which connects the pool floor to the bleachers, for the ascent. The outdoor green area, directly facing the pool, is then used as a relaxation area with sunbeds and umbrellas. From this area, a nature trail leads to the gymnasium, beach volleyball courts, soccer field, multipurpose marquee, and the mentioned sports hall. read less

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